Zyras, the All-Consuming, also known as Diké, is one of the most powerful Malfeans to appear in Wraith: The Oblivion and Orpheus. In appearances, she is an 18 foot tall obsidian angel; her six great metal wings, however, are blackened and rusting. She wields a massive sword of Angst, seemingly made from Oblivion itself and fit for the ruler she considers herself to be.

Zyras' palace is located deep in the Labyrinth, overlooking the Well of the Void. She had many mortal followers, especially ones who were members of magic and scientific circles looking to tear down the Shroud, and may have connections to the Giovanni as the sinister Hecabe Morta.

Originally, Zyras planned to rule and judge both the residents of the Shadowlands and Skinlands after the Sixth Great Maelstrom consumed the Underworld, and she considered her worst enemy as the Malfean Lamachis. However, she did not count on the Maelstrom to waken her creator, Grandmother. Nor did she count on her own primal parent to throw her into the relentless, unnavigable winds of the Maelstrom. By the time Zyras regained control, Grandmother had entrenched herself and her armies into the Shadowlands. Not to be outdone, Zyras is determined to destroy Grandmother; she has even gone so far as to ally herself with her former rival Lamachis. Many other Malfeans believe her the most capable of doing so, and are pushing the two of them into a direct conflict. However, if Zyras falls, both the Malfeans' and mankind's last hope may be lost.


Wraith calls Zyras one of the Onceborn in WTO: Doomslayers: Into the Labyrinth Buy it from DriveThruRPG! Now in Print!, presumably because as a Neverborn, she would be too powerful for character encounters. However, Orpheus treats her as a Neverborn, because as the "most powerful Malfean", she would not be strong enough as a Onceborn to challenge Grandmother.


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