Zydeco Jones was a member of the Order of Hermes' House Janissary tasked with hunting down the Nephandus Reginald Wojcik. She joined a cabal lead by Petrus, and used equipment designed by her lover Card Farrel and Dr. Priya Ganesh. This included a customized hot rod with built-in Correspondence effects that allowed it to travel through the Umbra.

After Wojcik killed Farrel, Jones rescued Farrel's friend Ozymandias Cody and brought him to the cabal to be trained. She and Cody worked together hunting Nephandi for several years before Cody quit due to the strain on his personal life. Jones is implied to have continued solo until Petrus and Ganesh were lost in the Avatar Storm in 1999. After that, she reunited with Cody and they resuming hunting Nephandi together, in memory of Farrel.

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