Name: Zo Malek
Born: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Created: Unknown
Lineage: Ulgan
Refinement: Unknown
Creator/Demiurge: Unknown
Offspring: None known

Zo Malek is the signature character for the Ulgan Lineage in Promethean: The Created. Generally cynical towards humanity and how many Prometheans try to attain it, she nonetheless pursues like so many others on her own Pilgrimage.

Zo was created to follow and watch over a band of nomads, protecting them from physical danger and spirits alike. However, she grew tired of wandering from place to place behind superstitious nomads who were ultimately fearful of her. She left them to find her own place in the world; the shamans of the tribe found out and cursed her by calling upon a Centimanus known as the Tamer to track her down and destroy her.

Her wanderings eventually brought her to Georgia, where she met Charles Monahan, a human who was unbothered by her Disquiet and Promethean nature. The two became lovers for a time, even after she unveiled her Disfigurements and told him about the Tamer. One day, Zo recieved a letter from her ally Mr Verney asking for his assistance in Pennsylvania. Reluctant to leave, she nevertheless goes to help him, and upon returning finds Charles dead on the floor at the hands of the Tamer, ready to be revived as a Mockery. She destroys his body and then commits suicide in rage.

Eventually reviving, she decides to both get revenge against the Tamer, and to resume her Pilgrimage so that she can become human and hopefully be reunited with Charles when she dies. It is implied that she eventually attains her New Dawn, returns to the place she and Charles met, and commits suicide a second time so she can be with him.


Zo's surname is spelled as "Malek" in the main rulebook, but as "Malak" in Magnum Opus.


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