Zoë was a young Ravnos vampire during the Dark Ages and the signature character of her clan

Biography[edit | edit source]

She was once a the student of Layla Madeer, a Nephandus living in the House of Lamps in Constantinople. She knows about Mary the Black and was the protégé of Gregory the Wonder-Maker, a renowned Ravnos craftsman. During the sack of Constantinople in 1204 CE, Zoë was fatally wounded, and Gregory Embraced her in an effort to save her life. Zoë and Gregory joined the caravan of the Setite Andreas Aegyptus, which would bring them to Paris. During the travels, Zoë was tutored into the ways of the undead by the Setite Meribah, allowing her to overcome her disgust at her new form. Gregory was later captured by crusaders and presumed destroyed. Zoë traveled to Paris in the company of a number of other Cainites, and became the ward and honorary childe of the Malkavian prophet Anatole.

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