Zillah, the Beautiful, was a Second Generation vampire. She was the third childe Embraced by Caine, and his first wife.[8][9]


Zillah captivated Caine's heart and knew of it. Yet somehow, she was able to resist him, to the point that Caine sought the Crone's magick to make Zillah love him. The Crone made Caine's blood potent through the powers of Blood bonding. Thus, Caine secretly gave his blood to Zillah, so that she would be bound to him.[10]

According to the Nosferatu, Zillah sired their Antediluvian who was a powerful hunter. He was a hunter with such prowess, that he sought to hunt the most powerful creatures in the world. When he confronts Zillah, he is gravely defeated. However, due to his bravery, she felt compelled to embrace him.[11] This Antediluvian possesses the Discipline: Obfuscate, a powerful hunting skill commonly used by the Nosferatu, Followers of Set, and Assamite Clans. Therefore, she is thought to be the sire of all these Antediluvian childer who possess Obfuscate: Absimiliard, Set, and Haqim, the "Hunter Lineage".

Zillah is also suspected to have had the "Gift of Prophecy", just as Saulot had, which may have stemmed from Auspex.[12] In the First City, she even had a small pool named after her, the Pool of Zillah, filled with crystal clear water that was said to provide visions of the future to those who knew how to see them.[13]

Genealogy Edit

2nd Gen. 


 Zillah "The Beautiful" 
3rd Gen. 


Absimiliard, Progenitor of the Nosferatu

Set, Progenitor of the Followers of Set

Haqim, Progenitor of the Assamite



  • The name "Zillah" appears in the Book of Genesis 4:19, 22-23, in which she was the second wife of Lamech, and the mother of Tubal-cain and Naamah.

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