The Zi Guang, or Wood Dragons, are an order of the Dalou'laoshi dedicated to seeking the perfection of the human form. They hide within the Progenitors, a Convention of the Technocratic Union.

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The Zi Guang focus on using chi to properly cultivate the mortal body. At first, this happened through the cultivation of foodstock, mainly rice crops. In time, such manipulations proved to be too limited and the Wood Dragons searched for a new medium. The human body became the main source of chi for the Zi Guang. As a result, the Masses are to be cultivated as a shepherd cultivates his flock, with persons with strong chi acting as lynchpins for developments within the whole group. Their goal is creating a society that acts as one being, all in harmony with the chi around them and directed towards a higher goal.

In the 21th century, overpopulation that is rampant in Asia is regarded as bringing imbalance to chi. For this reason, most Zi Guang focus on harnessing their own, inner chi, while using the excess chi generated by the unawakened to fuel various projects.

Unsurprisingly, the Zi Guang's main sphere is Life.


The Zi Guang are organized in a pyramid scheme. Their leader, always an elderly male, has three direct underlings, who in turn also have three direct underlings for each and so on.

The Zi Guang are mainly spread across China, with agents in other parts of the Middle Kingdom. A renegade branch has taken up residence in North Korea, where they use the population for their own experiments.


For the Zi Guang, the disruptions of the chi flow in the Middle Kingdom are disastrous. The events of the Week of Nightmares, the building of the Yangtze dam and mysterious irregularities generated from the chi in Tibet keep them alert for more such fluctuations.

Several Wood Dragons accepted Communism, seeing it as similar to their own goal. A handful Zi Guang have begun to approach bureaucracy as a way to further advance their societal project. Most work in rural and suburban areas, hoping to shape these communities to their liking and then expand into the larger cities to establish their model.

The Zi Guang have a great sense of history. They claim responsibility for establishing the Chinese family system as a way to harness the chi. The chinese people were a grand experiment to create the first perfect human beings, complete in harmony with the chi surrounding them.

Unique among their fellow dragons, the Zi Guang have amicable relations with all of them. One of the few points of friction exists about the acceptance of biotechnology. Several Zi Guang have embraced them as more precise ways to direct chi, to the anger of the Miao Guan, who see reliance on such tools as a sign of weakness.

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