Werewolves who have descended so far into their own Rage that they can no longer access the spirit world at all are called Broken Souls, or Zi’ir in the First Tongue. Such beasts are barely worthy to be called Uratha any longer. Even the sacred bonds of totem and pack fall, and the Zi’ir usually run as lone wolves, digging dens in secluded places and dragging the carcasses of whatever they catch back to their disgusting lairs.

The Zi’ir are spiritually dead. Many Broken Souls, however, observe odd customs that a human observer might term obsessive or compulsive, and another werewolf would recognize as a spirit ban. One Broken Soul might smash every third window he passes, while another might go out of her way to crush insects and spiders. Sometimes these compulsions aren’t even so benign as that. Many Zi’ir feel uncontrollable hunger for human flesh during the full moon. These spiritual compulsions actually begin to manifest as a werewolf slides into degradation, and they’re instinctive warnings from the Uratha’s very soul that he needs to check himself before becoming lost. Other Uratha pity these Broken Souls, and some more compassionate werewolves have even managed to retrain them, to help them reconnect with the spirit world. Some werewolves slay them whenever they find them, acting as much out of revulsion as pity. The mere existence of the Zi’ir is proof of the stain that marks the Forsaken race.

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