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Zhan Wu is a Homid Galliard of the Stargazer tribe that resides in Hong Kong, China. He made his home on the island of Lantau.


Living on the Island of Lantau and a native of Pui O village, Zhan Wu spends most of his time wandering through Hong Kong.  He is searching for the origin of the strange Chi currents he is feeling.  He doesn’t know whether it’s the Flame Court’s reemergence, a side effect of the Great Dragons stirring or just the Great Wheel pressing onward.

He poses as a traveling student, teacher, entertainer or mendicant, Xue has made friends with many of the local shen.  He does not seek the company of other Garou but never turns down an opportunity to visit caerns that lace all over Hong Kong.  He is an infrequent but welcome visitor of the Glass Walker Sept of the Council for Universal Trade.  He also spent many a happy hour roaming the slums of Mongkok and Wanchai with local Bone Gnawers.  When he does return to Lantau he spends time with Nian Shun, the Ageless One.  Xue discovered Shun’s true nature and considers him to be a font of knowledge.

Xue uses his keen sense of humor to disarm potentially hostile individuals.  He is blessed with good luck, or joss.  Among groups that are avoided by more cautious individuals Xue travels quite safely.


Zhan Xue usually dresses in clothing appropriate for hiking through the wilderness, alternating between Western gear and the loose-fitting garments of a traveling monk.  His long, straight hair is tied at the neck with a leather cord or held away from his face with a cloth band.  He carries a staff; which serves as both walking tool and weapon.


Zhan Xue, The Far-Seeking Scholar
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Galliard
Nature: Visionary
Demeanour: Jester
Physical: Strength: 3 (5/7/6/4), Dexterity: 5 (5/6/7/7), Stamina: 4 (6/7/7/7)
Social: Charisma: 4, Manipulation: 3 (2/0/0/0), Appearance: 3 (2/0/3/3)
Mental: Perception: 3, Intelligence: 3, Wits: 5
Talents: Alertness: 3, Athletics: 2, Dodge: 3, Primal-Urge: 4
Skills: Crafts (Origami): 2, Etiquette: 1, Kalindo: 4, Melee: 4, Performance (poetry): 3, Portents: 3, Stealth: 4
Knowledges: Enigmas: 4, Investigation: 2, Linguistics: 2, Occult: 4, Rituals: 3
Backgrounds: Contacts (Nian Shun): 1, Past Life: 2
Gifts: (1) Balance, Beast Speech, Persuasion, Sense Wyrm, (2) Dreamspeak, Inner Strength, Staredown, Surface Attunement, (3) Clarity, Eye of the Cobra, Merciful Blow
Rank: 3
Rage: 4
Gnosis: 7
Willpower: 7
Rites: Rite of Cleansing, Rite of Talisman Dedication, Rite of Spirit Awakening, Rite of Summoning.