Zarok, the Incarna of Jupiter.


Overview Edit

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As TotemEdit


The kingly Zarok is proud to lend a portion of his magnificence to packs who prove worthy. However, he is unlikely to do so unless convinced that the pack is well-respected among its peers; the presence of a Silver Fang among them is always helpful toward this end.

Traits & BanEdit

  • Background Cost: 9


Each member of Zarok's pack gains an effective level of Pure Breed when dealing with other Garou. The pack gains four additional dice in Intimidation. The pack may also draw on five additional points of Willpower per story. Finally, each one of Zarok's children gains an extra point of Willpower for purposes of resisting external domination, mind control of intimidation.


Zarok's children are not allowed to dishonor themselves. Any action which would lead to a loss of Honor Renown will cause Zarok to abandon the pack.


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