Doctor Zachary Tapp is, or was, the founder of Goblin Town and may be the greatest inventor of all the Earthbound nockers.

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Dr. Tapp

Originally hailing from London in the mid-17th century, he had been dedicated to his brilliant architectural career. His reputation was ruined, though, when a job for a London vampire lord went horribly wrong. Unaware of his patron's vampiric nature, Tapp decided to surprise him with an example of the patented moving architecture he had integrated into the mansion he was commissioned to design: the ceiling of the ballroom was designed to roll back at high noon on each equinox to expose a second ceiling of iron scaffolding and stained glass. The result was to be a delightful dappling effect as tinted sunlight sparkled off the rich marble of the walls and floor. The actual result was quite different when the mansion's lord and a visiting delegation of French vampires suffered a lethal sunburn. After barely escaping an assassination attempt, Tapp left London and no one there has seen him since.

His story doesn't end there, though. After coming to the United States and founding the freehold of Goblin Town and its ingenious moving architecture, he disappeared, some believed back to the British Isles to live in isolation.

Now, as the freehold teeters on the brink of destruction, a secret compartment has been discovered in the throne room. It contains a silver box within which are long-hidden plans written in his unmistakable, spidery scrawl. The plans detail a jeweled emergency key, supposedly still carried by the good Doctor before he disappeared. The nockers of Goblin Town have offered fantastic riches to any changeling who can travel to the Isle of the Mighty and return with the key or, better, Dr. Tapp himself, before the freehold is lost forever.

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