Yule is a Festival of the Kithain celebrating the longest night of the year.

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Yule, also known as the Winter Solstice, is celebrated on December 21-22. The Solstice occurs on the longest night of the year whatever the date. Many Unseelie childlings are born during the Winter Solstice or undergo their Chrysalises at that time. These are thought to be changelings who completely embrace their dark sides and have greater knowledge of how to conquer and utilize Banality rather than being destroyed by it. The Shadow Court sees these changelings as those who will lead the fae during the time of Endless Winter.

Many Unseelie, especially members of the Shadow Court, celebrate the holiday in a manner similar to the Christian celebration of Christmas. Greenery is brought into the freehold and presents are exchanged, but the symbolism is quite different. Evergreens symbolize their endurance. Patiently working behind the scenes, the Unseelie gather Glamour, planning for the coming Winter while their Seelie counterparts live Summer, refusing to see that darkness approaches. Like the evergreen, the Unseelie plan to still be here when Endless Winter again turns to Spring.

The presents which the Shadow Court exchanges at this time are items imbued with Glamour. Many believe that Glamour must be used to create treasures that will survive the dearth of creativity which presages Endless Winter. They give these treasures to one another in the name of spreading Glamour to all the Shadow Court’s followers.

Yule is a time for glittering parties that mock both the inner and outer darkness as well as welcoming celebrations for the new childlings among the Unseelie Court. Paradoxically, it is also a time of reflection when the Unseelie begins to examine those aspects of him or herself embraced at Samhain. Thus, the Shadow Court celebrates the night, reveling in its concealment and perversity, while acknowledging that the Solstice inevitably marks the time when the days begin to lengthen, driving out the darkness in favor of the light.

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