Yu Huang is, ostensibly, the ghost of Qin Shi Huang, the first, last and sole emperor of the Yellow Springs.


In life, he was obsessed with immortality and failing to discover the secrets of eternal life, he secured his power by elaborate funeral rites that included an army of 10,000 terracotta soldiers who followed him into the afterlife as his immortal guard. However, some time after arriving in the Underworld, the real Yu Huang was destroyed and replaced by a Malfean lord. Since that time, the Malfean has ruled as Yu Huang, and has applied his creative talents as dictator of the Asian dead.

As a ruler, Yu Huang is an absolute monarch. His government is harsh and largely corrupt, interested primarily in acquiring as many relics and as much jade as possible, whether through mining or punishment. His empire is militantly expansionist and fiercely racist, with Han Chinese at the top of the social pyramid and non-Chinese primarily waiting to be tortured, broken, and soulforged into White Jade. Personally, Yu Huang is a sadistic martinet with delusions of artistic adequacy and an obsession with grandiose projects involving levels of Moliate that would terrify most Tzimisce.


WtO: Dark Kingdom of Jade

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