A Youngling is the Nunnehi equivalent of a Childling among the Kithain.

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Younglings are seen as treasures of the Nunnehi Nations. They are cherished and guarded by all older Nunnehi regardless of the elder changeling's current Camp. Since there may be no actual family connection, all younglings are "adopted" by the whole Nation and placed under the care of special guardians. These become their aunt and uncle because many of the tribes from whom the Nunnehi sprang are matrilineal, meaning that the closest relations are considered to be the child's mother, and her mother's brothers and sisters. The aunt and uncle are responsible for educating the youngling, teaching them the ways of their people and presenting them before the council when they have matured enough to be accorded a full place in the tribe. Younglings are considered to all be Midseason people until they become braves.

When a Nunnehi youngling first manifests, they are given a silly, demeaning name such as Pug Nose or Bent Ears. This is thought to shelter the youngling from jealous spirits.

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