The Young Ones are a Motley of young Kithain who have made Highgate Cemetery in London their main gathering place.

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Perdita and Walt, two sluagh childlings, are the unofficial leaders of the group. The rest of the group is made up of Mock, a redcap wilder, and Corbin, a crow-pooka wilder. They gather in the far reaches of the East Cemetery periodically to write poetry, tend the ivy and to watch over the spirits of the place. The spot also draws a fair number of Euthanatos mages, though none seem to stay for long. The spirits of the place have never caused problems for the Young Ones, and the motley's presence keeps a lot of undesirables out.

A schism threatened to break the group apart when a boggan named Miranda joined some years ago. Though she meant well, she felt compelled to help fix the place up. Before they realized it, she had cleared the ivy away from several sections and had set about repairing the crumbling stonework. Since that time, she has contented herself to keeping the place clear of litter and bramble bushes, only occasionally stopping to see that the mossy stones are artfully arranged along the path.

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