Yitzhak ben Avraham - also known as the Ashen Rabbi- was a Brujah embraced durign the Dark Ages, who dreamed of creating a united Poland where Jews and Christians could live together in peace, as well as Kindred and Kine.

Born in Prague as the only son of a jewish Rabbi, Yitzhak was educated in several languages and spendt his childhood in relative comfort. When his family moved to Krakow out of fear for the growing isolation they received in Prague from the authorities, Yitzhak became a silversmith, believing that he had not the right temperament to follow his father's footsteps. When his father died 10 years later, Yitzhak was shocked to see a women he knew was a prostitute showing up at the mourning. He learned however, that his father had not been her customer, but a companion, which whom he had conversed about several esoteric subjects. Soon, Yitzhak found himself attracted to her company, bearing no mind to the fact that all meetings happened after dark. After several years, Natasia confessed her nature to him and Yitzhak's first response was one of sympathy and caring, believing that no being deserved such a curse. This act of mercy inspired in Natasia the thought that suhc kindness had to be preserved and she gave him the Embrace. Although Yitzhak forgave her afterwards, he was shocked at the first and left Krakow.

He wandered across Eastern Europe, learning of the state affairs of both Cainites and mortals. He saw how the Jews were treated around Europe and how many vampires wandered the nights alone, ostracized from others by simple allegiance to their Clan or Generation. After witnessing this, Yitzhak changed his name to ben Avraham ("Isaac, son of Abraham" in Hebrew) and returned to Krakow as a devout follower of the jewish variant of the Road of Heaven. He saw it as his spiritual duty to create a place where all beings could exist side-by-side, as God had meant them to be.

Although he later moved Warsaw, Yitzhak continued to work to make Poland strong and secure, although the several partitions to Prussia, Russia and Austria proved to be severe setbacks. By the time of the Victorian era, Yitzhak still worked hard to create a place for his people, seeing that the Camarilla provided for a near-equality among Cainites, although he preferred to not involve himself in the sect wars. He met his Final Death in 1939 in the first bombing of Warsaw.

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