Yiaros is small Greek island in the Aegean Sea that rose to prominence in Kindred society during the later half of the 20th century. The entire island is the property of the vampire Anushin-Rawan.


The Ventrue bought the island and turned it into an extended haven, an Elysium that knows no equal. Only invited guests personally chosen by Anushin-Rawan are allowed to enjoy this serenity. All others are quickly turned away or destroyed by the numerous guards, mortal and undead alike. Anushin-Rawan allowed the natives of the island to stay as vitae reserves but has reserved large parts of it for herself and her guests. The island's mortals have all been ghouled and are known as the Servitors of Anushin-Rawan.

Her premises include a giant manor in which her guests can take delight in art and treasures centuries or even millennia old. Moreover, there are several outbuildings in which the Kindred visitors can have their way with numerous mortal servants. Finally, the property boasts a renovated Greek temple, Roman thermal baths, and a nymphaeum. In the gardens of the manor, strange beings appear from time to time who admire the beauty of their design just like the undead guests do. Apparently, these creatures (local tales suggest they might be faeries) have been living on the island for a long time and have even interbred with the native populace. All of this creates an enrapturing and almost surreal atmosphere of beauty and serenity that makes Yiaros so unique.

After the assassination of Justicar Petrodon in 1997, Anushin-Rawan invited the Camarilla's Inner Circle to hold its meetings in her Elysium, an offer the elders are currently considering.


For the real Greek island, see Gyaros.


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