The Yellow Lotus are a subtle, secret society within Hsien society.

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Elemental Raiment
Compared to the Shu Shen, the Yellow Lotus is much more subtle. They are scattered among their fellow hsien and their goals can seem contradictory. In fact, no one knows their true agenda or who their members even are. Their one obvious aim is to foment rebellion within the ranks of the Shinma. They dredge up ancient rivalries and long-forgotten wrongs all to disrupt the order of the Li Shen ministries. They have also, however, claimed responsibility for punishing those who are too blatant about showing their wani forms and so sometimes act as a sort of secret police. Their work encompasses spreading rumors to assassination. What do they want? Maybe they just like stirring up chaos for its own sake.

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Changeling: The Dreaming: Hsien Courts

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