The Yellow Emperor Court was the central of the Five August Courts of the Fourth Age among the Wan Kuei. Associated with the Direction of the centre, it was located in central China, originally headquartered around the dragon nest at Mt. Li, the resting place of Quin Shihuangdi, before constant attacks from the Yellow Springs forced the Ancestors to relocate to Changan.

The Yellow Emperor Court claimed sovereignty over the other Courts and saw itself as the center of supernatural activity within the Middle Kingdom. As a result, the Court was more introspective than others, often to the point of self-paralyzation. At the end of the Fourth Age, rivalries between the wu of Changan, capital of the previous Tang Dynasty, and Linan, capital-in-exile of the Song Empire, dominated the political atmosphere within the Court.

The assassination of the ruling Ancestor and the Mongol invasion of Kublai Khan in 1273 CE plunged the Yellow Emperor Court into chaos that lasted until the Treaty of the Quincunx during the Yuan Dynasty. The Yellow Emperor Court was reformed into the modern Jade Court.


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