Lay Down With Lions is a fiction novel for the World of Darkness.

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The Battle Continues
Questioning the origins of his ancestors, the estranged vampire called Beckett has come to Chicago, arriving in the middle of a now full-blown war. Unknowlingly, Beckett helps Khalid al-Rashid, a powerful Nosferatu, piece together the ancient history of the mummies - a history hidden for centuries. Now the Kindred not only face the threat of Thea Ghandour and her fellow hunters, but now must also struggle against other immortals
An Unknown History
The Temple of Akhenaton has been destroyed, and Maxwell Carpenter reveals his true motive for uncovering the source of the mummies' power: revenge. Powered by his hatred, Carpenter will stop at nothing until he has killed the last member of the Sforza family, the mummy, Nicholas Sforza-Ankhotep. The mummies must protect the heart of their power or they and their future will cease to exist.
Lay Down with Lions is the second novel in the Year of the Scarab trilogy. This three-volume epic reveals the rise of an ancient power that threatens to forever alter the World of Darkness: the immortal beings known as mummies



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