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The Year of the Reckoning product line theme included seven books released in 1999, building up to the creation of the Imbued. Major metaplot events included the Week of Nightmares, the Avatar Storm, the appearance of the Red Star, and the Sixth Great Maelstrom.

The most important of the Reckoning books released was Ends of Empire, which made Wraith: The Oblivion the first line in the World of Darkness to officially conclude. In addition, the events that closed out Wraith, most notably the Sixth Great Maelstrom, would come to play a major role in both the existing lines and the four new lines to come (Hunter, Demon, Mummy, and Orpheus). The rest of the lines (except for the Dark Ages) would conclude in 2004 during the Time of Judgment.

In 2002, Hunter was adapted for Classic Mind's Eye Theatre rules in Laws of the Reckoning.

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