The Yazata is the pantheon of the Persian gods who play a role in Scion. Holding to the cause of truth and righteousness, they seek to bring out the best in the World, and in those who follow them, but that same belief in their cause makes them inflexible as well.

Their Overworld is the seven regions of Haft Keshvar, which is besieged by Zrvan, the Greater Titan of Time. Their Underworld is the three regions of Mord Keshvar.


The Yazata are believed to be of an age with the Devas of India, with both pantheons entering the historical record in the same time and place, several thousand years ago.


The Yazata's primary concern is transcendence, which to them means the improvement of the world to a more righteous state, whether on the individual or communal level. The Scions of the Yazata will be found where the social order has broken down, where injustice and cruelty hold sway, striving to set things right, and to end the influence of the Titans and their spawn.

The chief flaw of the Yazata is that, more than any other pantheon, they are convinced of their own righteousness, convinced they are doing things the way they should be done, and inflexible in their beliefs, which makes working with other pantheons difficult.


By and large, the Yazata typically don't have close relations among the six main pantheons, whether because they were too far away from another pantheon's territory to have much significant contact (as with the Aesir, the Amatsukami, and the Loa), because they frown on their practices (as with the Atzlánti), or because they contested for territory and influence (as with the Dodekatheon). They are, however, on friendly terms with the Pesedjet, due to the respect their worshippers showed the Pesedjet and their people in the past.


  • Ahura Mazda: Former pantheon head. Has not been seen for over a thousand years.
  • Anahita: Goddess of water.
  • Ard: Goddess of fortune and luck.
  • Haoma: Warrior of the Yazata.
  • Mah: Goddess of the moon.
  • Mithra: God of contracts, truth, and law. Current pantheon head.
  • Sraosha: God of obedience.
  • Tishtrya: God of rain and the star Sirius.
  • Vahram: God of victory and triumph.
  • Vanu: God of wind and air.
  • Zam: Goddess of earth.


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