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The Yankee is the Pantheon of the spirits of American folklore who play a role in Scion. The youngest of all the pantheons, yet the ones brimming forth with the most vigorous energy, they took their first major role in world affairs during World War II.

Their Overworld is the unnamed Yankee Godrealm.

The currently active members are:

  • Betsy Ross: Scion of Columbia, she represents the power of domesticity and home.
  • Br'er Rabbit: A former Cherokee god known for his cunning and trickery.
  • Columbia: Scion of Athena and sister to Britannia and Marianne, she represents the spirit of exploration.
  • John Henry: The most physical of the pantheon, he represents good old-fashioned labor.
  • Johnny Appleseed: Feeder of the hungry and provider to those in need.
  • Paul Bunyan: Legendary lumberjack capable of altering the land.
  • Pecos Bill: God of cowboys and the ultimate risk taker.
  • Rosie the Riveter: Suffragette turned protector of women and women's rights.
  • Uncle Sam: Current president of the pantheon, he encourages patriotism and strategic thinking.


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