Name: Yagnatia
Plural: Yagnatia
Nicknames: Boyars
Parent Clan: Nosferatu
Disciplines: Dominate, Obfuscate, Nightmare, Vigor

Founded by Konstantin I in the nights of the Christianization of Russia, the bloodline seems strangely good-looking for Nosferatu and claim a line of nobility that rivals even the Ventrue.


Konstantin was the king of one of the last autonomous kingdoms of the Rus before the christians came. A Ventrue Sanctified named Pasko Grechkovik had been an early supporter of the advances and blamed the Circle of the Crone for the setbacks. A local cult of Baba Yaga-worshippers then tried to induct Konstantin into their ranks in 1218, but he refused, resulting in a curse from the high priestess to remain sterile until blessed by the Crone. Later, Konstantin was embraced by a Nosferatu and pledged himself to the Circle when the learned of the effects of the curse.

The bloodline's members are almost all members of the Circle of the Crone. In the current nights, the Boyars have taken up the role given them by the Circle of the Crone with a fervor: that of fighting to reclaim the covenant’s lost glory, and they do so through political and economic means. No longer content to simply accept the discrimination and persecution heaped upon them by the Lancea Sanctum, the Yagnatia have taken the fight to their enemies. To this end, the bloodline has seized the reins and is making a name for itself as an undead leader in local and global economies.


In addition to the other weaknesses of the Nosferatu, the blood of the Yagnatia is sterile - once a member is inducted, they can no longer sire childer. Only special Cruac rituals allow a female member of the bloodline to act as an Avus or sire.


Vampire: The Requiem - Bloodlines of the Nosferatu clan

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