The are a Court, or Society of Hsien, that models itself after the ancient Chinese kingdoms.

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The Yü, also called the Classicists or the Great Ten, model themselves after the Ten Chinese Kings of Chinese prehistory. (They may have even been some of them.) They carved the Middle Kingdom into 10 mystic provinces but their battles cause the borders to shift often. The generally support the Fu and their Ministries, as long as they can play them off of one another and draw upon their talents. The Yü have hoarded jade for centuries and possess some of the most powerful jade artifacts to this day. They also control many Dragon Nests.

Not all of the Yü are nobles, though. Some are only powerful warlords and criminals who control powerful Tongs and Triads. These Shinma go toe to toe with other Shen who have interests in the less lawful business dealings of the Middle Kingdom like the Kuei-jin, Kindred, and others. None of the other Courts can afford to have bad relations with the Yü so they, in return, treat most of the others with respect. The Mu Courts and the Kuei-jin are their greatest enemies.

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