Xochipilli is a totem of the Fera.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Xochipilli believes that the best way to live is to experience life in extremes. His followers are always taking insane chances; most even survive to tell the tale.

Traits and Ban[edit | edit source]

Background Cost: 5

Traits: Xochipilli grants his children amazing luck. Deeds that should kill one of his children often fail to do so. Xochipilli's followers receive +3 to Survival, as a reflection of how easily they find what they need to live, even in the bleakest areas. The followers of Xochipilli also gain five soak dice whenever they are performing outrageous stunts that should prove fatal. This special ability only works when the odds are very much against the Nuwisha surviving an encounter. Optionally, the Storyteller may simply state that the character survived being in the center of a refinery when it exploded. This does not mean the character gets away unscathed; a crippled Nuwisha is still very lucky to escape an explosion of that size.

Ban: Xochipilli requests that his followers never turn away from a dare, no matter what the odds of surviving.

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