The Xian Mo are a Court, or society of the Hsien who make it their goal to follow the Tao Te Hsien.

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Also called the Quiet Ones or Immortal Magical Spirits, the Xian Mo are mystics and strong believers in the Tao Te Hsien. They believe that enlightened individuals can create a perfect world and reverse the turn of Ages. This emphasis on the individual leads them to resist order; they even refuse to see themselves as a court. Xian Mo is a name other Hsien give them.

The Quiet Ones, though, give the Shinma hope, which most gave up at the end of the Fourth Age when the Wall barred them from the Spirit World. Hanuman brought the Tao Te Hsien to a Komuko sage in the Di Fu. The Komuko resigned their position and retired to the mountains. Eventually their teachings lead to the writings now called the Tao Te Hsien, or "The Way of Imminent Hsien Power." Its ardent followers now make up the Xian Mo and their teachings have led some to pass beyond the Wall.

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