Name: Xi Dundu
Plural: Xi Dundu
Pronunciation: zee DUHN-doo
Nicknames: Shadows
Disciplines: Dominate, Obtenebration, Potence
Parent Clan: Lasombra

The Xi Dundu are one of the Legacies of the Laibon.


Taking their name from the Bavili word for "shadow", the Xi Dundu originally hailed from the Congo until a rite gone wrong forced them from their homelands. They now make their home among the Maasai peoples of eastern Africa. Because of their ordeals, no legacy is as unified as the Xi Dundu. The Xi Dundu are aggressive overall, and seek to supplant the Guruhi as the Laibon rulers of Africa. Ambitious, sneaky, and able to adapt to non-traditional situations, the Xi Dundu may very well pull it off. Those prized for Embrace include the ruthless, shrewd, and manipulative from any background.

Clan Lasombra resembles the Xi Dundu, and the weakness of the Xi Dundu is similar to the Lasombra weakness of casting no reflection; the Xi Dundu cast no shadow of any sort. They also must not be touched by their native soil when they rest else they are greatly weakened; this is perhaps a further reflection of their original banishing; and a curious contrast to the Tzimisce weakness.

Background Information Edit

The original outline for Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom confirms that the Xi Dundu are intended to be a bloodline of the Lasombra clan.



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