Xavier de Cincao was the Tremere Councilor of the Iberian Peninsula during the Dark Ages, and later, to the entire Latin America.


At the same time Meerlinda was reassigned from Britain to North America, Xavier was removed from his Spanish headquarters in Barcelona to oversee the South American continent, as well as Mexico to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the northeast.

Due to the presence of Tremere Inner Councilor Xavier de Cincao, who has proved to be a highly proficient guardian of the area, Venezuela is firmly in the grasp of a Toreador-Tremere coalition, as are the kindred protectorates of Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana. Xavier has allied with all manner of supernatural entities – even, some claim, faeries and shapeshifters. Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, is ruled by Prince Tomás Marcello, a bastard son of the Giovanni family Embraced by Cincao as a slight against the clan.

Just as with Venezuela, Bolivia remains under the watchful eye of Xavier de Cincao. The Sabbat has made several attempts to seize power in the country, with varying success, but the sect is always driven back by de Cincao and his numerous supernatural minions. The Sabbat's last successful attempt, in the late 1960s, ended when the sect's puppet ruler, General René Barrientos Ortuño, died in a helicopter crash. Rumors that Xavier de Cincao caused the helicopter to explode in midair have never been confirmed.

Xavier de Cincao feels that there is something threatening in the Amazonian rainforests, a reason for his support of clearing the forest with fire. His area of influence is under constant threat by the Sabbat and the Followers of Set, and rumors tell that de Cincao's true loyalties lie not with his clan.

According to rumors in the Final Nights, Xavier de Cincao was destroyed in his chantry in Caracas. Some tie his assassination to the re-emergence of the Drowned Legacies.


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