Wyvern is a Seelie Redcap Wilder in Hawai‘i.

Overview Edit


The street has always been Wyvern's life, or at least his livelihood. His mother worked hard for the meager living she made as a housekeeper of the larger houses in the area. She had always taken care of him, or tried too. He grew up overprotective of his mother and as a bully at school. He took to the street to try and garner more money for his family and quickly reached the conclusion that this was too easy. This was about the time he Chrysalised and realized he was a redcap.

He was confused at first, but slowly it all came back: the bad temper, the intimidation value, and his hunger. He vowed to try to keep the streets as clean as possible, making more money off of petty theft and fencing than his mother made cleaning houses. He began to fully support her. With his interaction with the gangs, his mother never asked why he stayed out late and sometimes never came home.

Recently he's noticed several things happening in a city that he considered to be his. A new gang has moved in: the Volcanos. The leader is a real jerk and Wyvern wants to take him out. Several people have gone missing and there hasn't been anything he could do. He's heard about this Yrtalien and is not pleased with his arrival and consequential slow takeover of the city.

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Wyvern is a large, dusky-skinned man. His voice is raspy and he intimidates with a stare. Always wearing his colors, he is seen as a thick, stocky man with mottled black-gray skin. His long black hair is pulled back in a ponytail, accenting his bloodshot eyes and horrid mouth. In both mortal seeming and fae mien, he wears a black T-shirt and jeans. His long black cloak transforms into a trench coat depending on which face you are seeing.

Personal Edit

This is Wyvern's city and this is his gang. He rules mainly through intimidation, but will stoop to violence if needed. His information network is large, including several other lone recaps on the street, as well as a few pooka here and there. He is not happy about the Volcanos erupting on his turf and wants them out. Though a redcap, he is still Seelie and when he gives his word, he means it.

References Edit

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