Wyrsta is the Questioner faction of each aspect of the Triumvirate that rules the Ananasi society.


Questioners of the Way, the Wyrsta look beyond how reality presently exists and ask not only why it is so, but how it could be manipulated to better serve the Queen Mother's objective. They also test the rest of the Damhàn, personally and as a whole, to ensure they do not weaken the perfection of the Great Web through laziness, ignorance, or incompetence.


Wyrsta (Questioners)

Tenere Gaderin: Counter-spinners and challengers of order, they question the interconnectedness of things by amassing extensive collections of subjects.
Hatar Malum: Questioners of the Wyrm's faction and disdain corruption, they anguish in pursuit of pure, undiluted destruction and entropy.
Kumoti Chymos: Counter-dancers in the Wyld's name, they undercut and fight agains the minions of each Triatic spirit as necessary to further their plans for the Wyld.

Faction GiftsEdit

• Alter Mood (Level One)
• Beastmind (Level One)
• Blinding Spit (Level Two)
• Visceral Agony (Level Two)
• Tick Body (Level Three)
• Blades of the Mantis (Level Four)
• Wither Limb (Level Four)
• Razor Webs (Level Five)
• Summon Net-Spider (Level Five)


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