The position of Wyrm Foe is twofold; during moots, the Wyrm Foe has the task of leading the Revel that ends each moot, thus placing him at the center of the action during a time of solidarity with Gaia and the Wyld. At other times, the Wyrm Foe's responsibilities consist of coordinating the packs within the caern, organizing strikes outside the caern against the Wyrm, and planning other actions against the enemies of the caern, whether they are Wyrm-spawn or rival supernaturals such as Leeches. Young Ahroun often see this position as a stepping-stone to the more prestigious post of Warder. The job's requirements, however, consist of more than a combative nature. The task of leading the Revel requires considerable personal charisma and leadership, so brainless death-machines rarely rise to this position. Militant-minded members of other auspices may hold this position if they meet the qualifications.

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