For other uses of the terms "Wild Hunt" or "Wyld Hunt," see Wild Hunt.

The Wyld Hunt is the term used in Realm for the parties of experienced Dragon-Blooded who are tasked with hunting down and destroying Anathema. Such parties usually contain at least one member of the Immaculate Order trained in the Order's powerful martial arts styles, which help level the playing field against the inherently more powerful Celestial Exalted.

The Wyld Hunt was successful for many centuries, hunting down every one of the rare Solar Exalts whose sparks were reborn in Creation, but since the disappearance of the Scarlet Empress the Realm's noble Houses have been too busy squabbling to maintain the Hunt. But with the increased numbers of Solar Exalts returning following the destruction of the Jade Prison, the Immaculate Order has made sure the Hunt is not altogether forgotten, and fear of the Anathema ensures the Houses will always support it when asked.

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