The Wrinkled Page is an antique and curio shop in Brighton in the Kingdom of Chalk.

Overview Edit

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In the heart of downtown Brighton sits a pedestrian district of narrow, twisting alleys known as the Laines. Once the home of fisherfolk who worked the seas, the Laines now house a variety of restaurants, antique and curio shops. One of the oldest of these shops is the Wrinkled Page, whose whimsical sign depicts an elderly courtier. Tourists and locals often stop in, as much to hear the stories behind the various knickknacks as to buy anything.

Cedric Evans Edit

The proprietor of the store is one Cedric Evans, a gentleman with a shaggy beard, a twinkle in his eye and a spring in his step, despite his age. He seems to have read every book on the shelves of the store several times over, and will recite the entire history of any of the various antiques in the store as if their lineage was more important than that of the queen.

Though he will usually invent a story behind any given item, if he doesn't know one already, he does have an impressive memory for the stories and legends of the area. The fact that other Kithain will immediately recognize him as a pooka grump (with a mien reminiscent of an Old English sheep dog) doesn't mean that all his tales are fibs...just most of them.

References Edit

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