The Wraith Players Guide is a supplement to Wraith: The Oblivion that fleshes out the details of the Underworld not covered in the core book.


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Beyond the Shroud of Death...
"We are creatures of passion, condemned to spend eternity fighting against the forces of Oblivion in the world around us and within. Why is it that only in death, we begin to learn how to live?" -- Anya Woodmere, Heretic of the Middle Path
Can There Be Hope for the Damned?
The Wraith Players Guide is an essential reference for players and Storytellers alike. By expanding the realms of the Restless Dead beyond Stygia to the mysterious Dark Kingdoms, the Wraith Players Guide opens up new possibilities for creative roleplaying.

Ghost Story: Staying, Late, at the OfficeEdit

The opening is an introduction to Erik, his struggles to cope with becoming a wraith, and the abduction of the wraithly woman he has come to love from afar.


This section offers several suggested movies and books to get storytellers and players in the mood for a Wraith chronicle.

Chapter One: TraitsEdit

As in most Players Guides, this chapter has the Merits and Flaws for wraithly characters, as well as alternate archetypes (regular and Shadow), and alternate Backgrounds and Abilities.

Chapter Two: Wraith SocietyEdit

There are a few details about Stygian society not offered in the core book; this fills in the gaps on the Hierarchy, Heretics, and Renegades.

Chapter Three: The Dark KingdomsEdit

Filling in more knowledge, this chapter contains information on the other Dark Kingdoms that lurk in the Tempest, including the Yellow Springs and Swar.

Chapter Four: RulesEdit

This chapter has more specific details on Lifesight and Deathsight, Fetters, and how wraiths can make use of computers.

Chapter Five: ArcanosEdit

The details of the three Forbidden Arconoi, Flux, Intimation, and Mnemosynis.

Chapter Six: RoleplayingEdit

A series of essays by Wraith authors to assist Storytellers and players.


The lone entry is here is a very useful quick-reference chart of the other thirteen Arcanoi from the core book.

Background InformationEdit

As noted in the summary, this book introduces Wraith's signature character, Erik. Erik and the exploits of his Reaper, the Ferryman Severus, will come into play throughout the rest of the series, lasting all the way until WTO: Ends of Empire Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"The worst part about the whole thing is I've been dead for three weeks and I still can't get out of the office. Pathetic, isn't it?" --Erik, Staying, Late, At the Office


  • Erik, Signature wraith.


Dark Kingdoms, Flux, Heretics, Hierarchy, Intimation, Mnemosynis, Renegades

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