The Wraiths are the recondite Demons of the Pandemonium, embodying the Arcanum of Mind, and can be called down with the use of Supernal Summoning.

Of all supernal summonings, wraiths are by far the most subtile and dangerous. They do not normally have physical bodies, but they might as well — the connection created when a mage summons a wraith allows the being immediate and unfettered access to the mage’s mind. As such, the wraith can force the mage to feel, see, hear and otherwise experience anything it wishes. If the wraith wants to harm the mage, it simply wills the mage to feel pain.

Normally, a wraith acts in the typical Mastigos way of confronting and strengthening the character of their summoner. Every act of depravity and every sin lies before them and their are willing to use it against someone who is too weak to reclaim his own mind. In this way, the art of summoning a wraith resembles Goetia.

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