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The Wraith: The Oblivion 20th Anniversary Edition Storyteller Screen is a product released for Wraith: The Oblivion 20th Anniversary Edition.


From the seller's page:

All the stories they told you about what it would be like after you died? They were wrong.
There is no Heaven and there is no Hell. There’s only the Underworld, with the ravening maw of Oblivion at the bottom and the impossible dream of Transcendence at the top. And in between, all the Restless Dead.
Are you ready to join them?
Wraith: The Oblivion is the Storytelling game of passion and horror. Take the role of a ghost whose unfinished business won’t let them rest.
The PDF edition of the Wraith: The Oblivion 20th Anniversary Edition Storyteller Screen includes a collection of charts and other information design for quick reference to make the Storyteller's job a little easier.

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