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The Wraith: The Oblivion 20th Anniversary Edition is the current rulebook for Wraith: The Oblivion.


From the Onyx Path catalog:

All the stories they told you about what it would be like after you died? They were wrong.
There is no Heaven and there is no Hell. There's only the Underworld, with the ravening maw of Oblivion at the bottom and the impossible dream of Transcendence at the top. And in between, all the Restless Dead.
Are you ready to join them?
Wraith: The Oblivion is the Storytelling game of passion and horror. Take the role of a ghost whose unfinished business won't let them rest.
  • Protect the things you love in the lands of the living, or travel into the deeper Underworld to become a citizen – or an enemy – of the ancient Empire of the Dead.
  • Learn the forbidden Arcanoi, ghostly powers that can terrorize the living or wreak havoc on the dead.
  • Fight the pull of Oblivion, the endless void that seeks to drag everything down into it, and come face to face with its corrupt Spectre servants in an endless Labyrinth filled with nightmares.
  • Walk the streets of the eternal city of Stygia, where the crumbled monuments of antiquity rise one after another, a thousand destroyed cities blending into one.
  • Set sail on the never-ending storm of the Tempest with a wordless Ferryman at your side, or seek the legendary Far Shores, where it is said that every wraith can find peace and contentment.
So don't go into the light. You've got more interesting things to do in the Underworld instead.
Twenty years ago, White Wolf published what many have regarded as their darkest, bleakest, and most mature gaming achievement. Largely disconnected from the rest of the World of Darkness, yet tied to it by fetters of unresolved issues from their lives, the characters also had to face the compelling whispers of their own dark sides, their Shadows.
This 20th Anniversary Edition of Wraith: the Oblivion returns to that darkly compelling world and both compiles and completes the concepts of the previous two editions.
Led by legendary Wraith: the Oblivion developer Rich "Deadguy" Dansky, our writing team consists of Wraith veterans like Bruce Baugh, Lucien Soulban, Jackie Cassada, Nicky Rea, and Clayton Oliver, as well as familiar names such as Charles Andrew Bates, Matthew Dawkins, and Lillian Cohen-Moore, and they one and all dedicated themselves to making Wraith: the Oblivion Twentieth Anniversary Edition the most playable edition yet — while not losing the incredible depth of setting and emotion that Wraith is known for.


Prologue: The Face of Death


Table of Contents

Book One

Chapter One: Introduction

  • A Little History
  • Storytelling and Roleplaying
  • How to Use This Book:
  • Roles
    • The Storyteller
    • The Player
    • Character
    • Winners and Losers
    • Playing Aids
    • Terms

Chapter 2: Setting

  • Geography and Metaphysics
  • The Underworld
    • Gaze Upon My Works
    • Oblivion
  • History of the Dark Kingdom of Iron
    • A Time Before Time
    • The Sundering
  • Oblivion
  • The Lady of Fate
  • Charon
  • The Found of the Empire and Building of Stygia
  • The Republic of Stygia
    • The Golden Age
    • Lux Veritatis
    • The Decline
    • The Fall of the Republic
  • The First Great Maelstrom
    • Resurrection
    • The Ferrymen Rebel
  • Rebuilding
    • The Fishers Return and the Treaty of Paradise
    • The Hierarchy
    • The Founding of the Guilds
  • The Second Great Maelstrom
    • The Fishers Revolt
    • The Great Evacuation
    • Heretics
    • The Proclamation of Reason
    • The Council of Inquisitors
    • Stygia Besieged
    • The First Abomination: The Looting of the Artifacts
    • The Second Abomination: The Breaking of the Guilds
    • The Third Abomination: The Flaying of Obsidian
  • The Third Great Maelstrom
    • Renewal and Industry
    • The First Necropolis
    • The Age of Industry
    • The Fading
    • The Second Descent
    • The Great Influx
  • The Fourth Great Maelstrom
    • Necropoli Invaded and the Great Depression
    • Charon Emerges
    • World War II and The War of the Dead
  • The Fifth Great Maelstrom
    • Gorool and the Third Descent
    • Aftermath
  • Souls and Memories: The Economics of the Underworld
  • Metaphysics
  • Stygia
  • The Guilds
    • The Collegia
      • Origins
      • Like Attracts Like
      • The First Great Maelstrom
      • The War of the Guilds
      • The Coup
      • Life on the Fringe
      • The Guilds in Modern Stygia
      • Organization
      • Outside Looking In
      • The Mnemoi

Chapter 3: The Rules

  • Rules and Storytelling
    • Time
    • Rolling Dice
      • How many dice do you need?
      • When do you roll dice?
      • How does rolling dice work?
    • Actions
      • Trait Ratings
    • Difficulty, Success and Failure
      • Difficulty Number
      • Success
      • Failure
      • Automatic Successes
    • Optional Rules
      • Botch
      • Multiple Actions and Split Dice Pools
      • Extended Actions
      • Resisted Actions
      • Teamwork
      • Trying It Again
    • Lexicon
      • Gaming Terms
      • Wraith Terms

Chapter 4: Character

  • Getting Started
    • For Storytellers...
  • Character Creation
    • Step One: Concept
    • Step Two: Choosing Attributes
    • Step Three: Choosing Abilities
    • Step Four: Advantages
    • Step Five: Finishing Touches
      • Corpus
      • Pathos
      • Willpower
      • Freebie Points
    • Spark of Life
      • Appearance
      • Quirks
  • Example of Character Creation
    • [Same steps as in the previous section.]
  • What Now?
    • Roleplaying the Prelude
      • The Before-Death Experience
      • The Death Concept
      • Awakening

Chapter 5: Traits

Chapter 6: The Shadow

  • Drawing Lines in the Mind
  • Shadow Creation
  • Example of Shadow Creation
  • Angst
  • Harrowings

Book Two

Chapter 7: Storytelling

  • The Storyteller
  • Wraith Storytelling Key Elements
  • Storytelling Tools
  • Chronicles
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Endings
  • Authority & Responsibility

Chapter 8: Systems

  • Setting
  • Perceptions
  • Character Development

Chapter 9: Drama

  • Time
  • Action Scenes
  • Dramatic Systems
  • Combat
  • Combat Maneuvers

Book Three

Chapter 10: Spectres

  • Spectral History
  • Spectres and Their Kind
  • Dark Arcanoi and Shadecraft
  • Spectres and the Storyteller
  • Spectre Characters
  • Creating a Spectre
  • The Psyche

Chapter 11: The Risen

  • From the Grave to the Cradle
  • Becoming Risen
  • The Systems of the Risen
  • Risen Arcanoi
  • Storytelling the Risen

Chapter 12: The World of Darkness

  • Humans
  • Awakened
  • Dwellers in the Storm
  • Relics and Artifacts

Chapter 13: The Other Dark Kingdoms

Appendix: Orpheus

  • Lexicon
  • History
  • The Quick and the Dead
  • Flatlining — Orpheus Systems
  • Storytelling



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Background Information

The opening section is a reprint of Wraith's first product, 1994's WTO: The Face of Death .

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