World of Darkness: Urban Legends is a sourcebook for the Chronicles of Darkness. It serves as a way to bring urban legends into the World of Darkness, where they are possibly true - and possibly even more horrific.

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From the Onyx Path catalog:

Whispers carry the stories through the generations. So unreal that people no longer believe. "Legend." They do not realize that legends can be more real than real.
Truths From the Tales
We’ve all heard the stories. Alligators live in the sewers. Kidney thieves prowl the cities. Chant “Bloody Mary,” and she appears. These are urban legends. In the World of Darkness, they are real; in fact, they are more than real. The truth behind each legend is more terrifying, strange, sinister, or diabolical than we imagine.
A settings book for The World of Darkness™
This book includes:
  • Inspiration for a game intended for mortal characters, but a game just as frightening and bizarre for monstrous characters.
  • In the World of Darkness, the truth behind urban legends is even more frightening, sinister, mysterious than you would imagine.... Explore them at your gaming table
  • A great prequel or addition to Vampire, Werewolf and Mage chronicles

Prologue: Eggs Edit

Fiction. A version of the urban legend about tea containing bug eggs which hatch inside the stomach of those who drink it. As usual the truth in the World of Darkness is much worse.

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A quick overview of the book, urban legends, and how they may be adapted for use in the game.

Chapter One: Unwitting Organ Donors Edit

This chapter includes infomation pertaining to the urban rumours of organ removal, such as having ones kidneys stolen.

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Chapter Three: Bloody Mary Edit

Chapter Four: Alligators in the Sewers Edit

Chapter Five: I Love Sex More Than You Edit

Chapter Six: Somebody Told Me Edit

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