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World of Darkness: Time of Judgment was the final sourcebook published for the modern World of Darkness line prior to the release of the New World of Darkness. This book covers the end of the lines Changeling: The Dreaming, Hunter: The Reckoning, Demon: The Fallen, Mummy: The Resurrection, and Kindred of the East.


From the White Wolf catalog:

The Final Chapter
At the end of the world, what will be the fate of its supernatural denizens? Can demons find salvation in the ashes of the realm they created? Can hunters purge the last of the monsters? Can changelings discover enough passion to return to their homeland? Can mummies restore the cosmic balance before it's too late? And can the Kuei-jin avert or accept the coming of the Sixth Age? You decide.
The End is Here
Time of Judgment is the final book for the World of Darkness as you know it, and helps you resolve the stories for five different games: Demon, Hunter, Changeling, Mummy, and Kindred of the East. This is the mother of all finales, offering you various scenarios and storytelling ideas for ending or saving your game world. Are we all doomed, or is there hope for a new beginning?


Prologue: Right and Wrong

Lucifer realizes the world is ending.


The purpose of the book and references to consult.

Chapter One: Changeling: The Dreaming

Beginning with the short story "Endless Winter", the chapter gives information on the following scenarios: "Endless Winter", "Gods and Monsters", "Pick Your Poison", "The Great Purge", and "Starlight Exodus".

Chapter Two: Demon: The Fallen

This chapter tells Storytellers how to create signs of the apocalypse, and presents the following scenarios: "Twilight of the Gods", "Better to Rule on Earth", and "Paradise Won".

Chapter Three: Hunter: The Reckoning

The scenarios: "Cleansing Fires", "Glimmer of Hope", and "Winds of Change", as well on details on the last days of the creatures of darkness and the reactions of the factions of hunters.

Chapter Four: Kindred of the East

Beginning with the short story "Hollow Victories", the chapter presents the following scenarios: "The Rising of One Hundred Clouds", "Serpent Bites the Hand", "The Trumpet of Mount Meru", and "Wicked City"

Chapter Five: Mummy: The Resurrection

The scenarios: "Apophis Ascends", "The World Goes Westward", "Dawn of the Age of Sorrow", and "Long Day's Journey into Night"

Epilogue: Right and Wrong

Another fiction with Lucifer, set sometime after the prologue. Lucifer wishes he knew what to do next, right down to the second when the world ends.

Background Information


Memorable Quotes

"The world you know is gone... but the darkness remains. New setting. New system. New World of Darkness."
– Last page of the book




Triumph Casque of Sorrows, The Tithed Ones

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