World of Darkness: Sorcerer Poster is a media release for the World of Darkness.


From the Onyx Path Catalog:
Not all magicians move the world.
So-called hedge wizards ply their arts in the shadows, wresting secrets from musty tomes and hidden glades.
This rulebook and players guide in one explores the realm of these lesser sorcerers through hedge-magic rules, character creation, detailed sects and more.
Now you can own this striking World of Darkness: Sorcerer cover art as a full color 12" x 18" poster to hang in your own home!
Originally created by artist Mark Chiarello as the cover of the World of Darkness: Sorceror game book and available for the first time.
Previous release:
WOD: World of Darkness: Time of Judgment Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip
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