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World of Darkness: Mummy Second Edition (referred to simply as Mummy Second Edition on the back cover) is the revised version of the World of Darkness sourcebook Mummy. This second edition expands the role of mummies in the greater World of Darkness, with a particular focus on crossover chronicles.


From the White Wolf catalog:

From the ancient sands of Egypt they return again and again, fighting and eons-old war. Discover the blessing and curse of Rebirth, and aid the undying mummies in their eternal struggle against the Children of Caine.
Mummy Second Edition includes:
  • Updated historical and cultural information for mummies - including non-Egyptian ones.
  • Expanded rules for playing Mummy characters in the Underworld of Wraith.
  • Freak Legion-style powers for use in building Bane Mummies.



Chapter One: Sebayet

Chapter Two: The World of Mummy

Chapter Three: Characters

Chapter Four: Hekau

Chapter Five: The Underworld

Chapter Six: The Many Faces of Rebirth

Chapter Seven: Storytelling

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