Authors: Christopher Howard, Rustin Quaide
Development: Ethan Skemp
Editing: Cynthia Summers
Additional Gruntwork & Material: Phil Brucato, Cynthia Summers, Richard E. Dansky, Laurah Norton
Vice President in Charge of Production: Richard Thomas
Layout & Typesetting: Katie McCaskill
Art Directors: Lawrence Snelly, Aileen E. Miles
Art: Andrew Bates, Mike Chaney, Leif Jones, Brian LeBlanc, Vince Locke, Matt Milberger, Steve Prescott, Andrew Ritchie, Ron Spencer
Front Cover Art: Dan Brereton
Cover Art: Steve Prescott
Cover Design: Katie McCaskill
Special Thanks:

Rob “Da Ref” Dixon, for figuring out how to work Blood Bowl into all sorts of places it doesn’t belong.
Emory “X” Hester, for the Great Elf About-Face.
Justin “Gummy Bonesnap” Achilli, for unmitigated money laundering cheatery.
Brad “Glug-Glug” Butkovich, for gleefully revelling in carnage and bloodshed that has nothing to do with the Blue and the Gray.
Pauly “Chico” LePree, for the piscine insanity he wasn’t even there for.
Ian “Stinky” Lemke, for hornswoggling an innocent group of tourists into Haiti.
Jeff “Wild Thing McThud” Holt, for the B’scui Belly Flop. Banzai!!!
And to Ron “Brass Polisher” Spencer, for agreeing to be a Danzig roadie for White Wolf.

Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: July 1996
Pages: 128
Publication #: WW 03068
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-317-0
Online: Bullet-rpg Bullet-nip
Price: Print: $14.99
PDF: $8.99

World of Darkness: Midnight Circus is a sourcebook for the World of Darkness that details a circus run entirely by supernatural creatures.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Step Right Up, Right This Way
For centuries, almost millennia, it has traveled the backroads and byways of the World of Darkness. And as it wandered, the stain on its festival soul thickened. Now it answers to the name of Anastagio's Olde Time Lunar Carnival and Midnight Circus. Its taste for souls has grown even keener, and it's still hungry. The calliope beckons like a lorelei...will you enter?
A Pittance to Enter, a Lifetime to Pay
Within the tents and sideshows of the Midnight Circus lurk horrors and visions that stretch and defy the imagination. But the Circus is not managed by mortals, oh no. Fae glamours mix with eldritch magicks; the Kindred quietly stroll along the midway while the Restless Dead flit through the carnival air. Garou or mage, undead or living, there's something to suit everybody's tastes in the Midnight Circus. And the ticket's a bargain at twice the price! Just watch where you step and what you look at, because not all the attractions are free...
World of Darkness: Midnight Circus includes:
  • Details on a whole new threat to the World of Darkness
  • Circus folk, both sympathetic and irredeemable, compatible with all five game lines
  • "The Waste Land," an adventure in which players must confront a bizarre menace while dealing with the siren call of the Midnight Circus


Cherie Gets a Tattoo

A human hire attempts to free a Garou and a Satyr from the grip of the Midnight Circus.


The book's theme and suggested viewing, reading, and listening to get into the proper mood.

Chapter One: The History of the Circus

Since the early days of history, the Midnight Circus has traveled the land. Its story is told through those who witnessed it passing through.

Chapter Two: The Whole Sick Crew

Details on the pecking order and the beings you might find in the Midnight Circus, from the Fifth Circle to the Infernal Trinity.

Chapter Three: The Circus

Acts, attractions, freak shows, games, and the program for the evening's show.

Chapter Four: Bread and Circuses

Rules and suggestions for a massive crossover involving the Midnight Circus.

Chapter Five: The Waste Land

A campaign set at the Midnight Circus one fateful New Year's Eve...


Allowing players to play as members of the circus.

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