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World of Darkness: Inferno is a sourcebook for the Chronicles of Darkness. The content deals with demons, the possessed, and Faustian pacts with the devil.


From the Onyx Path catalog:

The Legions of Hell
It starts with the buzzing of flies. The smell of rotting meat. Then the whispers begin. They’re out there, waiting for a moment of weakness so they can slip through, hungry for the vices that feed them. You can even let them in — though be careful of the cost.
A Character Book for World of Darkness®
  • A resource for portraying demons in the World of Darkness, from spirits of evil to the Hierarchies of Hell.
  • Information on summoning and pacting with demons.
  • A system for representing those who have been possessed by the infernal.
  • Sample demons and possessed to plague a chronicle, demonic artifacts and more.


Prologue: Ring of Keys

Fiction piece by Chuck Wendig.


The introduction provides a basic summary of the contents of the book, including the nature of demons and their relationship with mortals.

Chapter One: Demonology

Chapter One is a deeper examination on demons, their state as creatures of Vice, and their general taxonomy.

Chapter Two: Infernal Pacts

This chapter focuses on pacts made between akathartoi and mortals, the method of summoning a demon, and a number of hell-"blessed" artifacts for use in chronicles.

Chapter Three: The Possessed

The third chapter relates information on the Possessed, mortals who have taken akathartoi within themselves. This includes rules on character creation and a number of Vestments, the powers of the Possessed.

Chapter Four: The Hosts of Hell

The final chapter deals with sample antagonists for chronicles, including demons; the Possessed; mortals who have made Pacts with demons; and L'Enfants Diabolique, mortals bearing demon blood.



L'Enfants Diabolique




Accidental Summoning, Angel, Archdemon, Demon, Diabolus, Dominion, L'Enfants Diabolique, Malapraxis, Possessed, Pacts, Vestment, Whisperer

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