World of Darkness: Hong Kong is a sourcebook for both Vampire: The Masquerade and the World of Darkness that features the city of Hong Kong, now in the hands of China.


From the White Wolf catalog:

The Old Ways Are No More
Hong Kong: China – the world's greatest bastion of capitalism is now engulfed in the coils of the Communist dragon. But more important changes are afoot in this crossroads city, where vampire and werewolf, ghost and Goblin Spider, mage and mummy mingle. The future is now, and tonight's deeds may lead to apocalyptic retribution in the mortal and spirit worlds alike.
The End of the World Begins Tonight
World of Darkness: Hong Kong is a city book that describes the unique and deadly metropolis of Hong Kong. This volume includes a never-before-seen mix of all character types, from vampires to wraiths to mages. All have their roles to play in the spirits game.
World of Darkness: Hong Kong includes:
  • A setting in which characters of all types mix and mingle
  • A crossover with every Storyteller game
  • A complete story that immerses characters and players in Hong Kong's supernatural culture


Chapter One: In the Dragon's Wake

This is the overview of the book. What the theme and mood of Hong Kong should be like, a quick guide on how to use the book, and background materials to check out to know more about the Island city.

There is also a lexicon of common terms that could be used.

Chapter Two: The Turning of the Wheel

The history of the Territory from its beginnings up to just after the handoff between the British government and the People's Republic of China. Also includes brief discussions of Hong Kongers' religious beliefs and the festivals celebrated on the island.

Chapter Three: Atop the Dragon's Back

The geography of the Hong Kong region and a brief description of where the supernatural residents of the area reside.

Chapter Four: The Spirit's Children

The supernaturals that make Hong Kong their home, Kuei-jin, Kindred, Bete, Willworkers, Wraith, and others.

Chapter Five: Dragon of the Night: A Story for Hong Kong

A wonderous magical weapon, a katana orginating in the Fourth Age, has arrived in Hong Kong.  The player characters get involved in the machinations of the sword and with the various factions who seek control over it.

Appendix: Whispered Wisdom

Notes on the Yin and Yang Worlds and about Tatsuko Sayo, the Dragon of the Night.

Background Information

This book is marked on the cover as Vampire: The Masquerade's entry for the Year of the Lotus. However, it contains extensive information on the eastern aspects of the other World of Darkness lines.

Memorable Quotes

"Squeezed between giant antagonists crunching huge bones of contention... [Hong Kong] has achieved within its own narrow territories a co-existence which is baffling, infuriating, incomprehensible and works splendidly – on borrowed tie in a borrowed place."
Han Suyin

"In Hong Kong, the fix is in, and the nature of this fix is clear and grim. The men who are in the business of dictating business will not get in the way of the men who are in the business of simply dictating, and vice versa."
— Stan Sesser, "Hong Kong Betrayed?" in The New Republic

"O sea-wet rock thronged, thronged and swarming with hunger and misery and wealth and want and abundance and waste, vice and purity and corruption and law and justice and privilege, charities and private property and Monopoly and Big Business and rackets and tuberculosis and beauty and horror; ...deep-roaring, bustling eternal market Hong Kong; where life and love and souls and blood and all things made and grown under the sun are bought and sold and smuggled and squandered..."
— Han Suyin, A Many Splendoured Thing

"China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she awakens, she will astonish the world."




Tatsuko Sayo, the Dragon of the Night

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