World of Darkness: Gypsies is a sourcebook for the World of Darkness that covers the role of the Romani people, from their connections to the supernatural to their ways of fighting them.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
From Lands Unknown
The supernatural creatures of the World of Darkness tend to think of humans as little more than animals, ignorant of what really goes on in the shadows around them. The Gypsies think this of the supernaturals. The Gypsies have seen things which would turn a werewolf's fur white and make a vampire's fangs fall out.
To Times Undreamed of
They've had dealings with all the supernatural creatures, from the vampires in their fortress cities to the wraiths in the shadows and from the werewolves of the wild to the mages in their libraries. They know the time of reckoning is coming -- and they're ready.
A World of Darkness: Gypsies includes:
  • Details on the Romani families of power who have traveled the Earth for millennia
  • Information on the role these nomads have played and continue to play in the World of Darkness
  • Rules to create Gypsy characters, the special powers they have used throughout history and ways to use them in chronicles.



An overview of the role of the Rom in the World of Darkness, along with suggested reading and a Gypsy Lexicon.

Chapter One: The History of the RomEdit

The complete history of the Rom and their involvement with the creatures of the night beginning with their mother Daenna and her vampire husband Dracian's quest to re-create the Tree of Knowledge.

Chapter Two: The PeopleEdit

The culture of the Rom and how they have influenced the supernatural, such as the Ravnos and the Silent Striders. Also talks about the Seeds of Knowledge, descended from the tree Dracian created, and the mysterious Convergence.

Chapter Three: The GypsyEdit

How to make a playable Gypsy character for a World of Darkness campaign.

Chapter Four: The MagicEdit

The mystical powers of the Rom, and how they correspond and conflict with those of the dark creatures.

Chapter Five: Families of PowerEdit

The famous, infamous, and powerful among the Gypsy clans.

Chapter Six: Gypsy ChroniclesEdit

Ideas for Rom-related World of Darkness chronicles.

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