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World of Darkness: Chicago - Three Shades of Night is a collection of fiction novellas set in the Chronicles of Darkness.

There is one novella for each of the three major game lines.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
Shadows Run Deep
There is a taint in Chicago, a barely suppressed shiver of horror that touches all who make their home in the city. In this collection of three connected novellas, vampire, werewolves and mages all pursue their visions of power. Each novella tells part of the story of the hidden monsters of the Windy City.
A World of Darkness® Novel
Author Janet Trautvetter reveals the vampires of Chicago. Author Sarah Roark focuses on the werewolves. Author Myranda Sarro tackles the mages. Together they tell a story larger than any one monster.

Background Information


Murder of Crows by Janet Trautvetter

Birds of Ill Omen by Sarah Roark

Shadows and Mirrors by Myranda Sarro

Memorable Quotes


  • Heartsblood, "Daniel Aaron Vickery" - Elodoth Hunter in Darkness
  • Doomwise - Female Ithaeur Bone Shadow
  • Elias - Rahu Storm Lord
  • Kalila - Female Ithaeur Iron Master
  • Dana - Female Irraka Blood Talon
  • Mercedes Childseeker - Female Cahalith Storm Lord
  • Erik Bleeding - Rahu Iron Master
  • Little Blue - Ithaeur Hunter in Darkness
  • Garbageman - Hull House Pack Totem
  • Sarah Rainbringer - Female Bone Shadow Cahalith
  • Paul Lessner - Iron Master Irraka
  • Olivia Citysmith - Female Iron Master (Bale Hound) Ithaeur
  • Anna Urchin - Female Irraka Ghost Wolf
  • Kyle Wolf-at-the-Door - Irraka Uratha
  • Cateria Kensas – Female Storm Lord Elodoth
  • Fenris Dog - Uratha
  • Gretchen McBride, "Tiaret" - Female Mage
  • Tamara Hollistor, Glorianna, "Glory" - Female Mage
  • C. Jeremiah Hollister - Mage
  • Grandmother Feng-huang - Female Mage
  • Gwyn, "Golden Heart" - (Mage, Mysterium)
  • Movran - Mage
  • Dr. Thaddeus Jasperson Poole, "Nuad" - Mage
  • Airyaman - Acanthus, Mysterium
  • Mimir - Moros, Guardian of the Veil
  • Protagoras - Mastigos, Guardian of the Veil
  • Reverend Talley - Witch Hunter
  • Aristede - Mage
  • Regina Howe "Nicnevin" - Female Mage
  • Isaac Tsu, "Baihu" - Mage
  • Loki, "Mr. Trey Fischer" - Mekhet, Circle of the Crone Vampire
  • Norris Kleinspiegal - Ordo Dracul Vampire
  • Rowen - Female Gangrel, Circle of the Crone Vampire
  • Baines, "The Earth" - Daeva Vampire
  • Marek Kaminski - Mekhet Vampire
  • Maxwell Clarke - Vampire Prince
  • Moyra - Female Davea Vampire
  • Jed Holyoak , "Jedidiah Hill" - Mekhet, Circle of the Crone Vampire
  • Bella Dravnzie - Female Daeva, Circle of the Crone Vampire
  • Birch - Daeva Lancea Sanctum Vampire
  • Persephone - Female Ventrue Invictus
  • Toby Rieff - Vampire
  • Beth - Female Davea Vampire
  • Raven - Davea, Circle of the Crone Vampire
  • Phinneas, "Colonel P. Redding" - Invictus Vampire
  • Nicholas, "Dr. N. Crain" - Mekhet Vampire
  • The Unholy - Female Gangrel Vampire
  • Masterson - Gangrel Unaligned Vampire
  • Lazar Soto - Circle of the Crone Vampire
  • Miriam - Circle of the Crone Vampire
  • Richard Tabor - Circle of the Crone Vampire


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