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World of Darkness: Chicago is a sourcebook for the Chronicles of Darkness. Released under the core Chronicles of Darkness line, this book is also for use with Vampire: The Requiem, Werewolf: The Forsaken, and Mage: The Awakening chronicles.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
Chicago isn't corrupt.
It's passionate.
Willing to do whatever it takes
to be the city it wants to be.
And corrupt.
- Maxwell, Vampire Prince of Chicago
The Windy City Beckons
Chicago lies at the center of the web that is the American heartland. Tendrils of power, wealth, and reward stretch outward, ensnaring the selfish, greedy, and unwary. Yet, Chicago attracts its predators, too. Creatures that would have the city for their own, spinning their own webs of malice and intrigue. But among the city's towering skyscrapers and wind-swept streets, who is the spider and who is the fly?
A city setting book for all World of Darkness Games
This book includes:
  • Guides to the history, geography and politics of the Windy City, twisted to suit the mysterious World of Darkness
  • A huge collection of new game material, including dozens of complex and surprising characters, new threats to face and three complete stories to play
  • Numerous ways for characters from any World of Darkness game to interact and collide. This book is a fully compatible supplement for Vampire: The Requiem, Werewolf: The Forsaken and Mage: The Awakening




The book focuses on Chicago through the narrative of all of the three major game lines, providing setting, NPCs and a story for each of the games.

Blood and Fire: A History of Chicago

Why do they call it the Loop? What started the Great Chicago Fire? What are some of the noteworthy neighborhoods that might serve as the settings for your stories? Look in here. This is your primer.

Vampire the Requiem:

A description of Chicago from the perspective of the Kindred for use in a Vampire: the Requiem campaign.

Chapter 1 - State of the Union


Chapter 2 - Chicago’s Damned


Chapter 3 - Hell Calling


Werewolf the Forsaken:

A description of Chicago from the perspective of the Uratha for use in a Werewolf: the Forsaken campaign.

Chapter 1 - The Jungle


Chapter 2 - Wolves of the City


Chapter 3 - Fires in the Winter


Mage the Awakening

A describtion of Chicago from the perspective of the Awakened for use in a Mage: the Awakening campaign.

Chapter 1 - Second Age of the Second City


Chapter 2 - Mages of the Second City


Chapter 3 - Unreal City


Appendix: Social Charts


Background Information

  • The Alley, "the midwest's premier one stop shop for Gothic, Punk, Emo and Rock Clothing," offers the T-shirt worn on the cover in their online store.

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