Authors: Bruce Baugh (Taking the Second Breath, Tales of Silk, Barbarians and Shen), Geoffrey C. Grabowski (Many Roads Back, Ways Under Heaven), Ellen P. Kiley (Xiong Ren, Hsien, Cities of the Dead), James Kiley (Hungry Dead of the Middle Kingdom)
Additional Material: Philippe R. Boulle
Developers: Philippe R. Boulle, Richard E. Dansky
Editor: John Chambers
Art Director: Richard Thomas
Layout & Typesetting: Brian Glass
Interior Art: Mike Danza, Patrick Lambert, Brian LeBlanc, Drew Tucker and Melissa Uran
Front Cover Art: Jamie Tolagson
Front & Back Cover Design: Brian Glass and Tor Johnson
Author's Thanks:

The whole Blood & Silk team dedicates the fruit of their labor to Richard E. Dansky.
Bruce Baugh thanks Dr. Suzanne Barnett, who bears so much responsibility for hooking his interest in China.
James Kiley thanks Bill "Hobbes" Fisher for being such a useful Japanophile, "Mighty" Bob Fetterolf for his copious archaeological library and Ed "dirque" Huang for his copious Chinese mythology library.

Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: May 1, 2000
Pages: 176
Years Covered: 1197 CE
Publication #: WW 02950
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-242-5
Online: Bullet-rpg Bullet-nip
Price: Print: $21.99
PDF: $13.99

World of Darkness: Blood & Silk (or simply Blood & Silk) is a historical sourcebook for Kindred of the East that brings the game into the timeline of Vampire: The Dark Ages. In the time of the Dark Ages, the titular vampires (the Wan Kuei) were not yet called the Kuei-jin, and the Fifth Age had yet to begin.

As a World of Darkness book, Blood & Silk also includes crossover information for the other shen of the Dark Ages: the Xiong Ren (fera, known in the modern nights as hengeyokai), hsien (the "changelings" of the Middle Kingdom), Chi'n Ta (mages), the wraiths of the Yellow Springs, mortals and demon-hunters like the shih, and foreigners in the Middle Kingdom (notably Cainites).


From the White Wolf catalog:

Visit an Age of Wonder and Terror
The year is 1197. It is the Fourth Age of the World, and much that is beautiful or holy is dying. Cainites and other monsters take new steps along the Silk Road, while in the Middle Kingdom, the Wan Kuei rage against the heavens. It is a time of majesty and fear, of magic and blood - and it beckons you.
Enter a World That Is Not Your Own
World of Darkness: Blood & Silk is a historical sourcebook for the entire World of Darkness. Here, at last, is a historical look at the Kuei-jin of the Dark Ages and their Middle Kingdom. From the intruders of the West to the Ferocious People of the Fourth Age, everything you need to transport your chronicle to a world of awe and fear awaits you.
World of Darkness: Blood & Silk includes:
  • Complete source material on the Middle Kingdom at the twilight of the Fourth Age, including the Five August Courts of the Wan Kuei
  • A look at now-transformed Disciplines practiced by the Hungry Dead
  • Information on the mages, shapechangers and other shen of the Age



Chapter One: Hungry Dead of the Middle Kingdom (World)Edit

Chapter Two: Many Roads Back (Dharmas)Edit

Chapter Three: Taking the Second Breath (Characters)Edit

Chapter Four: Ways Under Heaven (Systems)Edit

Chapter Five: Tales of Silk (Storytelling)Edit

Chapter Six: Barbarians and Shen (Crossovers)Edit

Appendix: Cities of the Dead (Locations)Edit

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