World of Darkness: Antagonists is a sourcebook for the Chronicles of Darkness. It details foes that anyone, mortal or supernatural, may encounter in their adventures.

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From the White Wolf Catalog:
Deep in the Shadows
The night is not alone. Even those few who see into the shadows of the World of Darkness are surprised and horrified at what lurks there. Not every corpse that walks is a vampire. Not every mortal who chants in reverence to a greater power is a mage. Some of these beings are creatures born of fear and hunger...and some defy definition altogether.
Monsters Know Fear
World of Darkness: Antagonists provides systems and information on beings for use as foes and foils for your Storytelling characters. Zombies, monster-hunters, cultists and stranger things await. Some want only to exist, to feed in their own ways and be left alone. Others exist only to stalk and kill the unsuspecting. Do you stand against them, or do you have something more... devious in mind?


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Notes on how to use this book, as well as list of suggested resources to consult for inspiration.

Chapter One: The Living Dead Edit

This chapter talks about alternate ways to become a walking corpse in the Chronicles of Darkness. Zombies, corpses created and raised, usually to serve another, are first, followed by Imbued, a sort of primitive Promethean, and Revenants, ghosts who manage to re-enter their bodies, usually in order to exact revenge.

Chapter Two: A Need for Vengeance Edit

The monster hunters are covered in this chapter, including common reasons for becoming one, how they operate, and why they fight the supernaturals of the Chronicles of Darkness.

Chapter Three: The Righteous and the Wicked Edit

The cultists who worship and fear the supernaturals can make for potent enemies. Included in this chapter are types of cults, how they form, how they operate, and how they threaten.

Chapter Four: Fear Given Form Edit

How to create monsters not covered by any of the existing categories in the Chronicles of Darkness. Contains pre-made monsters and plot hooks as well.

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