The World Advisory Council (WAC) is a secret Technocratic group with the goal of subtly influencing the world's governments along their plans.


WAC exists as a public think tank and semi-official intelligence service of several nations. Contrary to Tradition propaganda, the Technocracy does not control the world's governments. Instead, Enlightened personnel are inserted into the governments of nations that fit certain criteria (technological advancement, economic power, governmental structure etc.). These "Advisors" subtly influence high-ranking politicians to support the plans of the Technocratic Union. Each Advisor is chosen for their ability to work subtly and all are advised to avoid violence whenever possible. Rivalries between members are not tolerated and if discovered, result in reeducation and reduction in rank. Since there is only a limited pool of suitable agents, not every nation has an advisor and with the Avatar Storm, numerous Advisors went missing.

Most members of WAC are New World Order agents, although all Conventions are represented. Within the Union, the existence of WAC is a secret shared only among the upper ranks that serve directly under Control.

In one of the scenarios of Ascension, WAC uses its influence to coerce the nations of the world to hand all authority to the Technocracy and Panopticon, in order to fight a millenial terror organization known as "The Nine".



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